A Hone client since our founding - The Coca-Cola Company has utilized nearly every tool in our production toolbox to create content.


Hone began its relationship with the beverage giant as production specialist - working directly with their Integrated Marketing Content group to oversee production with their agency and media partners. In this unique role, IMC producers assist the brand teams and work with the internal IMC creative leads to shepard the production process through all phases of content creation by internally ballparking presented scripts, providing projected campaign calendars, reviewing treatments and director submissions, vetting bids, attending shoots, and overseeing the post process.


Hone's role then expanded beyond IMC production as Coke launched an internal agency. Hone has helped with this new division's rapid growth by providing agency producer support for radio, tv, and digital content. Hone has also provided production service support - acting as an internal production company for the brand for online video and stills productions.


More recently, Hone has been an in-house production content unit for Coke's newly launched Social Center by partnering with select brands to create bite-sized content at an affordable price, often in days vs weeks to keep their social channels humming.

“Having Hone as a production partner for the last 5 years has been an invaluable asset in getting our content made efficiently and to our high standards. In working with our in-house agencies - Social Center and KO:OP - or producing work with our external agency partners, Hone has become an extension of my content production team. Hone's production expertise gives me the confidence that budgets will be met, work will be done on time and it will be great.”

— Sarah Traverso, Grp. Director Social Center & Production IMC - The Coca-Cola Company

How we contributed

Hybrid Production Vendor Bid Analysis Business Affairs Guidelines and Toolkit Pay Agent Tax Incentives Oversight Lead and Supervise Production Social Media Content Agency Producer Support Decoupled Production

Behind the Scenes

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