Hone is a scalable content production department for your agency or brand.

Seamless Scalability
Seamless Scalability

We tailor resources to your needs. Whether developing a long-term campaign or a quick turnaround one- off project, Hone builds the most effective team to execute your production requirements. We optimize your production dollars because you are only paying for exactly what you need when you need it.

Affordable & Flexible
Affordable & Flexible

Booking shy? We can provide a scope of work for each project and bill hourly against this estimate. Our model is truly flexible. We can consult for one hour or staff your needs on a retainer basis for an extended period of time. You don’t pay for un-used hours, and you aren’t surprised by additional hours in an accepted scope. Need a flat price for a project? We can do that too (again flexible).

Red Hot Rolodex
Red Hot Rolodex

Our producers have long standing relationships with top tier vendors, which translates to the best talent working on your projects at negotiated rates. We get great people for your budget and our clients benefit from our contacts. Hone’s resources are deep so we can source A+ talent under tight timelines.

Truly Integrated
Truly Integrated

Our producers have true integrated experience developing content across multiple platforms. Often challenged with producing “never been done before” projects, we have developed best practices to guide our clients through challenging work. From pop-up stores, live events, moderated web platforms, sweepstakes, social media apps, to whatever you are dreaming up as you read this, our team of producers is ready for the challenge.

Rockstars Available
Rockstars Available

Experienced talent can be expensive to hire, staff or freelance. Hone’s model allows you to have our award winning producers on your projects affordably. We are there when you need us, billing only for the time used to optimize your budget, and providing fantastic results whether we consult briefly on a quick assignment or partner on an entire production.

We Work With

Both creative agencies and directly with brands that need experienced agency producers to deliver content that exceeds expectations. We partner with production companies that need an agency producer to help manage clients when working direct to talent. We work with interactive companies that have amazing project managers but need content support, and emerging content providers such as PR, experiential and social media companies. Hone is a resource for companies who want to make just one call for a consistently great experience.

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The Benefits

Hone provides a full-service offering that goes beyond simply supplying producers. We supply business affairs to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s. Add music supervision for licensing the perfect track, or expert advice from our talent team on the ever evolving union contracts. We can track payments, negotiate over-scale deals, alert you when that perfect track will expire, and do clearances for that image of David Bowie you want in your spot. Our hourly billing model allows for early engagement which is invaluable to our clients by reducing the risk of scheduling and budgeting issues that can lead to overages, delivery delays, and unhappy clients.

Who We Have Worked With

Who We Are

Hone is based in Brooklyn, NY and Atlanta, Georgia and partners with clients in both regions.

Greg Tharp - EP/Co-Founder

Greg Tharp, co-founder and executive producer at Hone, has twenty years experience as a producer, working in integrated commercial production, as well as, documentary, music video, live events, independent film, and studio film production. Prior to starting Hone, he was senior vice-president and executive producer at Deutsch Inc., New York, overseeing content production for PNC Bank and special assignments for Microsoft and Go Daddy. He participated in the highly publicized turnaround of Go Daddy’s advertising, producing the “Inside/Out” campaign launch and their two 2013 Super Bowl commercials. Read More

Matthew Mattingly - EP/Co-Founder

Matthew Mattingly is co-founder and executive producer of Hone. A producer with true integrated experience – his unique career path has included producing for large global agencies, boutique creative powerhouses, an EP role for an internationally based digital agency, and on the client side as a supervising producer at The Coca-Cola Company. Often challenged with producing non-traditional projects, his integrated experience and creative approach to producing has often been awarded and recognized in the creative community. Matthew was named Boards Magazine Producer of the Year in 2009. Read More

Laura Rea - Executive Producer

Laura Rea is an Executive Producer whose career spans nearly two decades in both New York and Atlanta with experience producing content for brands, agencies and networks. Prior to joining Hone, Laura was an EP at TRICK 3D and worked with Fortune 100 companies to create animated commercials as well as fully immersive, interactive 3D VR experiences. She oversaw the operations of a green-screen studio focused on pre-visualization and capturing live-action elements to composite into CG scenes. Read More

Awards & Recognition

Our producers have been recognized by many of the industry’s leading award shows.

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