Hone was initially engaged by Etsy to research the best approach to create a broadcast test campaign for the holiday shopping season. Based on Hone's assessment, Etsy made the decision to bring the creative development and production in-house with Hone supervising both aspects of the process. This approach proved to be a nimble and budget friendly solution by circumventing an agency RFP process and by limiting the creative development fees required while generating multiple concepts to consider.

Based on the positive results of the holiday campaign, Etsy has continued to utilize Hone as their production and business affairs partner for consumer facing content. This support included versioning of the 2018 Holiday work to run nationally, production of a sixty second animated spot announcing their carbon offset initiative, and supervision of their 2019 broadcast and digital brand campaign.


The 2019 work was unique in that Hone assisted the brand by researching and vetting the potential agency partners to concept and produce the campaign. Our role continued once the partner agency was selected by providing the brand with ballparks, vetting bids and calendars, reviewing scripts for red flags, and supervision of the production by attending the shoot and overseeing the post process.


By helping Etsy, take multiple paths to content production and allowing them the flexibility to work with an AOR or to keep work in-house, Hone has reduced production timelines by weeks (if not months) and has allowed the brand to consistently see savings amounting to 30 to 40% as compared to a traditional approach, while maintaining best in class production values.

“Hone has been a delight to work with and a nimble solution for our growing in-house team. They have helped us navigate numerous demands and met them all...with smiles.”

— Katie Potchney, Creative Director - Etsy

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Decoupled Production Vendor Bid Analysis Business Affairs Pay Agent Lead and Supervise Production Social Media Content Music Supervision Agency Producer Support


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