Guillaume Blanchet

Born and raised on the French Riviera, Guillaume Blanchet moved to Montréal in 2003 to pursue his career in advertising as a copywriter. He went freelance in 2011 to dedicate more time to another passion: filmmaking. He now specializes in outdoor films and adventures as well as stop-motion animation and crafted videos. Throughout his work, Guillaume has often sought to tell stories using simple ideas and day to day objects, playing with different emotions and creating relatable compositions. As an advertising director, he has worked for several brands including Birks, The Gazette, Cirque du Soleil, LOTO Québec and the Montreal Impact. On the side he has directed several short films which have been selected by 300+ festivals worldwide, winning over 30 awards around the globe. Pro tip - it is pronounced G EE - y oh m
"Bounce" (Short Film)
CQCM "Coop"
Yann Perreau "T'embellis ma vie" (Music Video)
Yann Perreau
"A Girl Named Elastika" (Short Film)
Adrien Gagnon "Pur Red"
Adrien Gagnon
Make Up For Ever "Showtime"
Make Up For Ever
"L'heure Du Thé" (Short Film)
Adrien Gagnon "Energex"
Adrien Gagnon